Swanley Village News Issue No.108   December 2017
The Quarterly News Sheet for the residents of Swanley Village



Chairman Bob Wallis,   Vice Chairman David Sayers,   Treasurer: Chris Banks ,

The latest meeting of the Swanley Village Residents’ Association committee  was held on Monday 13th November.  We were joined by Kent County Councillor Roger Gough and District and Town Councillor Tony Searles. 

 Points which were discussed:

Various planning applications.

There have been numerous accidents in the village of late.  Roger Gough was asked if anything could be done to reduce the speed through the village to avoid such issues.
It was suggested more ‘SLOW’ signs be painted in the road and 20mph speed signs,
he will make the necessary investigations and report back.

Following the purchase of the allotments in Swanley Village Road, some work needs to be undertaken cutting back trees and hedgerow.  This will be done by the contractor early February 2018.

One of the solar lights on the base of the village sign is still not working. 
Roger Gough to get this attended to.

Roger Gough informed the committee that the temporary traffic system which was installed at the top of Button Street to stop vehicles turning right has been removed.  The installation was due to the genuine problem of deaths and accidents at this junction.  Unfortunately the contractors put the wrong type of barrier in place + reducing the lanes which was totally unsuitable.  The increase costs for this to be put right has led the council to go back to the drawing board.  In the meantime the barriers have been removed.  We shall keep residents informed if the situation changes.

We are still experiencing problems with large lorries coming through the village – large vehicles ignoring the HGV signage.  New signage has been installed at the Farningham end of Button Street showing that the road narrows and therefore unsuitable for HGVs.

Some rubbish has been left in and around the culvert from the recent road works.  Roger Gough agreed to contact the appropriate department to get this sorted.

There are still some potential sites in the village to be concerned about and we all need to be vigilant and proactive where and when possible. If you can attend any of the public meetings and/or submit your views to SDC that would be helpful.

Roger Gough was informed of the missing lamppost in Beechenlea Lane (outside Beechenlea House) and will inform the relevant department at SDC.

The village continues to monitor the street lights. Details of deficient lights which have been reported but not repaired have been passed to Roger Gough who will chase the Kent Highways department on our behalf.

Any problems relating to street lighting please contact Daphne Davis ?664710.

Following the resignation of the current Secretary of the Residents’ Association we would be pleased to hear if anyone would like to take on this (voluntary) role.  The committee meet 4 times per year for approximately 2 hours each time, the minutes taken and distributed.  If you are interested in filling this position please get in touch with the Chairman.

The next RA Committee meeting will be held on 5th February 2018 – if there is anything you would like the committee to discuss please contact : Bob Wallis, Chairman ? 01322 661110


WELCOME PACK - If you are new to the village and would like an introduction to all the activities and information regarding all your surroundings please call

? Chris Banks 01322 668531 or Daphne Davis  01322 664710



Thank you to the residents who have paid their £3 towards the Residents’ Association and Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  For those of you who haven’t yet paid, please send your donation to: Chris Banks, Treasurer, SV Residents’ Association, c/o 4 Hotham Close, Swanley Village, BR8 7UX



Dear Residents, Just a few lines on my work as a Councillor in the village and wider.

Over the past months I have been involved with a considerable amount of planning issues I spend a lot of my time on planning enquiries from residents, most of these are just the normal what do I need to do now.

Then there are the ones around the Master Vision and the U+I development application for Swanley Centre.   As you may have heard the U+I plan to redevelop Swanley Town Centre were UNAIMIOUSLY REJECTED by Sevenoaks District Council Development Control Committee on Thursday 16th November. I would assume that U+I will appeal the decision,  the reasons for refusal were based mainly around parking, amenities, infrastructure and traffic.  

Clearly the need for more infrastructure to alleviate the traffic problems is a priority as Swanley is already gridlocked. I will continue to lobby the CCG for better health facilities and more Doctors in Swanley.

I attend the Swanley Village Residents committee meetings to hear resident’s concerns and try and make a difference to their problems. At these meeting I give the Committee information on decisions taken by both Sevenoaks District Council and Swanley Town Council and how they might affect Swanley Village.

If you can’t get along to a meeting I am happy to visit you to discuss your problem.If you have any issues I can help residents with then please contact me : Mobile number is 07769686100 and email Cllr.Searles@sevenoaks.gov.uk



Kent Highways stepped back in early November from its plans to block off the turn in and out of Button Street at the junction with the A20. While this was designed to tackle a genuine problem (there have been a number of serious accidents, one of them fatal, at the junction in recent years), I was concerned that the proposal would have damaging side effects, including sending more traffic through the village.

To make matters worse, contractors undertaking the experimental closure installed unsuitable barriers, which resulted in the need for lane closures and 40mph speed limits on the section of the A20 near the junction. At this point (in early November), Highways officers concluded that the scheme was incurring ever greater difficulties and rising local concern, and ended the experiment. It is now back to the drawing board. I will be meeting Highways officers soon to examine future options, and will keep a keen eye on implications for the village.

At the same time, I continue to work on better No HGV signs for the village (which I have asked Highways officers to make one of the top priorities for support from my Fund).

Some recent road closures have reflected ongoing work on Kent Highways’ Find and Fix campaign, which this year has kept going through the autumn and into the approach to Christmas. This tackles not only potholes but road surface issues.

The County Council is (at the time of writing) consulting on its budget, which is proving to be one of the most challenging yet.

As ever, I can be reached by phone (01959 525109) or by email, roger.gough@kent.gov.uk  My website, www.roger-gough.blogspot.co.uk reports on what I'm doing across the Sevenoaks North and Darent Valley Division, and I am on Twitter @RogerGough2



Our new Community Support Police Officer is PCSO Steven Vincent
If you want to contact him direct, his email address is: 56507@kent.pnn.police.uk

Crime Stoppers :  0800 555111 (anonymously)       www.crimestoppers-uk.org

If deaf or speech impaired text ‘police’ and your message to 60066.

NHS Phone Scam  There have been reports of scam phone calls from people claiming to work on behalf of the NHS selling medical equipment agreed by their Doctor. In one report the victim paid £85 for a blood pressure machine which never arrived and their Doctor confirmed they did not make the recommendation.    If you receive one of these calls hang up and contact your GP surgery on a number you know to be true. Never disclose personal information such as bank details to someone over the telephone, no matter who  the caller claims to be.

The following advice can help you avoid becoming a victim to rogue traders:

* Check that the tradesperson is from the company they say they are from - Do not deal with doorstep callers offering work on your home or garden and never pay in cash

* Ask for quotes in writing

* Ring more than three traders to get a feel for an average price for the job

* Remember traders must give you written notice of your right  to 14 days cancellation when agreeing to do work at your home, including work gained from a cold call

* If you believe a doorstep crime is happening or about to happen call the police on 101 or 999 in an emergenc 

Useful Contacts

* For advice and information, members of the public should contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506, or visit the www.citizensadvice.org.uk

* Kent County Council Trading Standards recommends checkatrade.com, online or call 0333 0146 190, for reputable Kent traders

Protect yourself against courier fraud, remember:

* The police or your bank will never send a courier to your home to collect your bank card or other items and will never ask for cash, valuables, or your PIN.

* If you receive one of these calls end it immediately without providing information.

* If you wish to call your bank use a number known to you, not one provided by the caller. Call from another phone, or call a friend first to ensure the offenders have been disconnected from your line.

* If you’ve handed over any personal bank details to the fraudster, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately.

Ever wanted to work for the Police?  

Visit www.kent.police.uk/jobs-recruiting-now to see which vacancies are currently available. At the time of writing recruitment is open for Police Officers, PCSOs, IMU Investigators & 999 Call handlers



We are still receiving complaints from people who have been unfortunate to have walked in dog poo over on the green.

We have supplied dog bins and have put up posters asking dog walkers to keep their dogs on a lead so that if their pets do ‘their business’ the owners can collect and dispose of it. Also some dogs can be quite intimidating to small children if not on a lead.

The mess that is constantly left by dogs (and their very inconsiderate owners) is deterring other people from using our beautiful Village Green.

If Peter Piper can pick a peck of pickled peppers then you can pick up poo !!




URGENTLY  WANTED:  Items for raffle prizes

Do you have anything suitable which we could use as prizes at our forthcoming events (perhaps any unwanted Christmas/Birthday presents !) 

Chris 01322 668531

We really do appreciate all the support we get for our fund raising events, but would love to see even more people from the village joining in the events which we organise.  As you are no doubt aware, all the profit from these events goes towards maintaining our Village Green, the Easter Egg hunt and the FREE firework display in November.  So the more people who attend our events the more money we can raise - we can’t do it without you!




 As you know Swanley Village Trust has been able to purchase the allotments because of the generosity of people in or connected with the Village. The question is: what we should call the allotments? There are other allotments near the Church. All suggestions welcome (not Boaty Mcboatface, please!) and to tempt you, there will be a bottle of wine for the first person to choose the name selected by the Trustees!

Send suggestions to: swanley_village_trust@yahoo.co.uk.




Following the purchase of the allotments opposite the Red Lion in Swanley Village, work needs to be done cutting some back some of the overhanging branches.  This work has been organised will take place on 1st & 2nd February next year. We have been informed that a traffic light system will be used during that time.



 Many thanks to everyone who attended our display on the Village Green on Sunday 5th November.  It was a great success and a larger than usual crowd.  The Brew Buddies beer tent went down well and we hope to organise another event with them in the Summer – watch this space.

Next year’s FREE Bonfire Night is being planned for Saturday, 3rd November so please reserve this date in your diary and tell your friends and neighbours they are welcome to attend.



The  Christmas  Tree has been ordered and will be sited at the top of School Lane.
It shall be lit on Saturday,9th December, and we would ask  you to come along with a bauble for the tree, and to sing carols for a short while. The school have been invited and it is hoped we shall be joined by some musicians from the Village.  If you are free after, we shall leave the top of School Lane and make our way down to The Red Lion  to sing carols to raise money for local charities.


Our annual Village ‘carol concert’  will be held at The Lamb on

Sunday, 10th December at 6:30pm in aid of local charities. 

Thanks to the landlady Liz, seasonal refreshments will be available

Please come and join us for these events

No previous experience necessary – music and words provided but bring a torch and yourself!



Some years ago compost heaps were built and sited on the village green behind the trees (Church Path end of the Green) and available for residents to use.
However,over the past few years people have been abusing this facility as it appears that private gardeners and outsiders are now just dumping their garden waste there and it has become totally unmanageable.

The Trust is organising and paying for the area to be cleared and wish to inform everyone in the village that composting will no longer be available to residents.  If you employ a gardener, we would appreciate you passing on this information to ensure that this area is kept clear.





 If you witness or know of an incident or an accident which occurs within Swanley Village, can we please ask you to immediately report this to the police or the authorities.

We would also ask you to copy such records of the accident/incidents to the Residents’ Association email  SwanleyVillageRA@outlook.com or The Trust’s email  swanley_village_trust@yahoo.co.uk  to see if we can get a bigger picture. 

The Trust and RA cannot report such incidents to the Police on your behalf - this will be down to the residents who witness any accidents as they will have the full information, but it is helpful if we know of these events.

Roger Gough our County Councillor used a significant sum from his grants a few of years ago to purchase speed monitoring equipment for the Village. A number of people from the village were trained and operated it, but sadly, despite constant recruitment efforts in the Newsletter we have been unable to persuade any new villagers to take on the task of Speed Watch now that the original people are no longer healthy enough to undertake the task.

Are there any Villagers willing to undertake Speed Watch throughout the Village?

This only involves an hour or so of your time each week.

Bob Wallis. Chairman, Swanley Village Residents’ Association



We now have a community page on Facebook. 
To see what is going on in the village, photos and news, look for ‘Swanley Village’


Vivian and Barbara Ramsey

Invite you for Festive Drinks

 at The Old Vicarage

on Sunday 17 December 2017

From 12:00 noon until 3:00pm

Drinks & Canapés

RSVP (or just turn up)

 07711068606  or  01322666668




A Hextable resident has been fined after pleading guilty to numerous fly-tipping offences in Swanley.

Mr Suna Meah, 50, of Main Road, Hextable, admitted to the charges at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court on Friday 10 November after investigations by Sevenoaks District Council discovered the offences between May and July this year.


The fly tips consisting of beer bottle packaging, wholesale empty food ingredient bags, egg trays and other trade waste believed to be from Indian restaurants, were found at Bevan Place Car Park, Swanley.

Mr Meah pleaded guilty to the offences and was ordered to pay a total of £780, including a sum of £550 covering the Council’s clean-up costs.

Sevenoaks District Council Portfolio Holder for Direct Services, Cllr Matthew Dickins, says: “This is yet another example of our ongoing commitment to combatting fly-tipping in our District.  Like other fly-tippers before him, Mr Meah showed no respect for the law, fellow residents or the natural environment we all hold so dear. Like others before him, he was caught and brought to justice. We will continue to successfully pursue criminals like Mr Meah until the message is understood: the Sevenoaks District is not open to fly-tipping.”


Sevenoaks District Council is the only local authority in Kent to have a dedicated fly-tipping investigation team and earlier this year helped secure the introduction of a new countywide environmental crime intelligence analyst.



FLY TIPPING - This continues to be a major problem throughout the village. |f you see any dumped rubbish please report this straight away to Sevenoaks District Council on 01732 227000.  You can also enter any details of fly tipping  at www.fixmystreet.com .  The council monitor this site and will take action. Use to report fly tipping, potholes, abandoned cars etc. ALTHOUGH PHONING WILL GET A FASTER RESPONSE!


The CSU are giving away, free to residents, 2 crime reduction gadgets to help reduce purse dipping and shed breaks.

Firstly, the bells come hoped in a range of colours and are fitted to your purse and jingle if your purse has moved, alerting you to potential purse dippers.  They are ideal for all ages.

Shed alarms are available to help protect garages or sheds from break-ins.  The alarm is fitted to your property and can be controlled by remote control – very simple and easy to use. If you would like any of these items please email: Community.safety@sevenoaks.gov.uk


As the league seasons ended [promotion was to be decided between five sides, which has been the most closely contested Division of the seven.

The Lamb being in contention and for an eight week period were at the top of Division Four. We needed to win two of our last three games to guarantee a runners-up position. As usual it went to the wire, with us needing to win our last match.

The weather report on our last match evening predicted rain at 8pm, and boy were they right. The heavens opened as predicted and we were all soaked to the skin by the end of play. But we WON to gain promotion to Division Three.

An excellent effort bearing in mind that the Team were only formed six years ago and have constantly gained promotion in four out of the six years. We are looking forward to the KPL awards ceremony at Hartley Country Club when trophies will be awarded.

I would like to thank the ten players, Daphne, Geoff, Dan, Peter, Laura, Mike, Lisa, Jan and Pat for their support and effort during some challenging matches and weather conditions.

We are all looking forward to the start of the new season next April and the challenge of playing in Division Three. We are hoping for some better weather next year.

Kent League Petanque is played on a Wednesday night throughout Kent giving the opportunity to meet with other teams for friendly games and to test your skills against more experienced players.

Steve Wells - Team Captain ? 01322 666806


Glebe Gate :  Volunteers (perhaps dog walkers?) are still being sought to join the group to lock and unlock the Glebe Gate, a.m. & p.m. and in School holidays. 

If you wish to join this band of volunteers for a short rota period please contact Barbara Ramsey ?666668


Do you have a village ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ sign near your property? 

Many are overgrown with foliage – if so, could you please cut the growth back so that the signs are more visible. The signs are there to hopefully make the Village safer!


News from St. Paul’s CE (VC) Primary School (November 2017)

So many exciting things have happened since the start of the new academic year.  Firstly, our new Reception children have all settled into school life extremely well and it is great to see them becoming more and more confident each day.

Over the Summer, our new library was erected on the edge of the school playground and has been a fantastic addition to the school, being used at most times of the day.  During October, our KS2 children had swimming lessons at White Oak Leisure Centre, led by qualified instructors.

We raised lots of money for two very worthwhile charities by supporting Jeans for Genes Day and the Macmillan Coffee morning.  We have also supported the Ellenor Lions Hospice with their Jam Jar Challenge.

James Phillips, our qualified Sports Coach, has been working hard with the children and we now offer a variety of sporting activities, both during school and after school.  We recently entered two Football Festivals and two hockey tournaments in Dartford.

In October, we held a series of parent workshops, which proved very popular, on topics such as e-safety and times tables.  We have also hosted two open afternoons for parents whose children are starting school in September 2018 and have another one on 28th November at 2.00 pm - please contact the school office on 01322 664324 if you would like to attend.  Feedback from our visiting parents has been very positive. 

We recently welcomed Roger Gough to school.  Mr Gough is the Kent County Councillor for Sevenoaks North and Darent Valley and he was very impressed with the changes that have taken place since his last visit.

Our Year 4 children went to Kingswood Residential Centre in Ashford for a fun-packed weekend of activities, including high ropes and fencing, and had a great time.

We celebrated Harvest Festival in St. Paul’s Church and our food donations were given to the Swanley Food Bank to benefit local people in need.  Last week, we held a Remembrance Day service in the Church, which our parents were invited to.

Our preparations for our Christmas celebrations are well under way and consist of a nativity, a trip to the Orchard Theatre to see the Cinderella Panto, Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper competition, and our carol service on the last day of term.

Our Christmas Fayre takes place on 1st December from 3.15pm to 5.15pm and you are all warmly invited to attend.

We wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and we return to school on Thursday 4th January 2018.


Swanley Village Gardening Society was formed in 1991 by a group of villagers with a keen interest in both their own gardens and their surroundings. Following a sharp decline in numbers, at the beginning of 2015 the committee decided that all villagers should be members by default. 

The committee will soon start planning events for 2018.  The Spring Show will be held in the spring at St Paul’s School.  Full details will be in the March newsletter.  Also, there will be news of our 2018 trips in the same newsletter. 

We have planned a garden safari around Swanley Village in aid of the local hospice ellenor & this will be held on Saturday 16th June; full details will be available nearer the time and we hope to see you joining in.   

We are trying to keep our page on the village website (www.swanleyvillage.com) up-to-date so please look there for current news and we have a Facebook page. 

We have signed up for a trade card at Provender Nurseries in Leydenhatch Lane.  This entitles you to a significant discount on Provender plants.  We have been issued with several cards, which must be presented each time you purchase plants in order to receive your discount. 

Mike Banks (( 668531), Daphne Davis ((664710), Donna Hoy ((613462) and Elaine Freundlich are all card holders.   Please contact one of them if you wish to purchase goods at Provender.

For further details please contact the Secretary, Elaine Freundlich ((662757).



St Peter’s and St Paul’s (one church meeting in two locations), is pleased to announce that a new vicar has been appointed, to commence early in the New Year. We will be welcoming the Rev Johnny Douglas and family, who will live in the newly completed vicarage in Rowhill Road.  Johnny is currently Associate Vicar of Emmanuel Church in Northwood, Middlesex. Prior to ordination he had a background in architecture, organisational management and church leadership. He has lived in Staffordshire and Essex before coming to London, though most of his growing up years were spent in Northern Ireland, and the accent still holds! The induction and Installation of the new Vicar will be by Archdeacon Simon Burton-Jones on the 29th January at St Peter’s; time to be confirmed.

Sundays are always busy and we have a range of services across both our churches and we’d love to welcome you to come and join us.  At St Paul’s there is a simple Holy Communion Service at 8.30am, the church is open too for coffee and prayer at 10.30am, except on the second Sunday of the month when there is a morning service at the same time. There is also a 6.30pm service (except on the 2nd Sunday).  At St Peter’s our main Sunday Celebration is an informal service of worship, teaching and ministry, with a full programme for children and youth activities that take place during the service. Our twice-monthly Overflow Celebration is held on the second and fourth Sunday - a contemporary style service of worship, teaching and ministry. Refreshments served from 7.30pm and throughout the service.

Special Services over Christmas

Saturday 2nd December at 2pm - Christmas Hymns of Praise St. Peter’s

Sunday 10th December at 10.30am  - Alternative Carol Service (contemporary style) at St. Peter’s

Sunday 17th December at 6.30pm - Carols by Candlelight at St. Paul’s

Sunday 24th December  at 4pm  - Christingle at St. Paul’s

Christmas Eve Communion at 11pm - St. Paul’s

Christmas Day Family Service at 10.30am - Family Service at St. Peter’s.

For more details of all these and other services and events see www.stph.org.uk or ring the church office on 01322 662320

Swanley Village Home or ‘Life’ Group

Before Christmas, the Swanley Village Home or ‘Life’ Group meets on the 30th November and the 14th December. We recommence in the New Year, meeting fortnightly, from the 11th January up to Easter. Meetings are usually on Thursdays at 7.45pm, at the Old Vicarage in School Lane but also in other homes in the village. Meetings are open to all, whether or not people have a church affiliation. They provide not only an important spiritual focus, but also help with the more practical issues of everyday life. These groups in people’s homes have an important place in the church programme, enabling people to keep in touch with each other, providing an opportunity of catching up on each other’s news, praying for each other and studying the Bible.

For further information contact David and Pauline Pearson (Pine Cottage, Beechenlea Lane - 01322 666362 or 07836 376 803) or any member of the group for further information.



The 19th year of the 100 club has just started and again we have managed to fill all 100 subscriptions . Thank you to all our loyal members many of who have been involved since day one. 

Below are details of the lucky winners in the first draw.

£100.            Gerald Walker

£30.              Susan Stansfield

£30.              Valerie Baker

£15.              Pauline Stevenson

£15.              Helen Swinfen

£15.              Jill Curtis


If you would like to go on the waiting list please contact:

Daphne Davis :  01322 664710 or email : davistweedlodge@aol.com



Ballroom Dancing for beginners to the more advanced. Monday’s at 7.30pm at St Peter’s Church, Hextable

Junior Ballroom 7 to 14 years Thursday’s at 4.30pm at The Howard Venue

Adult Jazz for all levels Wednesday’s at 8pm at The Howard Venue

Dance Fitness for all on Thursday’s at 10.15 am at The Howard Venue

Stretch & Tone for beginners Monday’s at 9.45 am at The Howard Venue

(starts 30th October)

Contact Sam  07712 588385



Odd Jobs

We offer a variety of services including:
General DIY -hanging, shelves, pictures & curtain poles

Pressure washing decking, drives, patios and paths

Treating fences, gates and decking

Assembling flatpack furniture

plus much, much more!

Smoke or Carbon monoxide alarms supplied and fitted from £25

If you need it put up, fitted or fixed. No job too small - just give me a call!

Friendly , reliable , local service

Paul on 07749 024375

email: paulsoddjobs1@gmail.com



If the answer is "yes" then you would find a warm welcome at the Swanley Village Book Club. We meet on a monthly basis on the last Thursday of the month at 7.30  in the Red Lion or the Lamb. We are an informal group and enjoy reading a wide range of books - but definitely not highbrow!

Whether you are a newcomer to the village or an existing resident, this is a great way to share your enjoyment of books with other like-minded people....and make new friends.

If you are interested in joining us or would like to know more about us,
please contact me   Pat Wells - 01322 666806 or 07400 615245     pattywells@hotmail.co.uk


HONEY FOR SALE             

Collected by my Bees at Elizabethan Cottage Swanley Village Rd

Beekeeping since 2009      Donnahoy@icloud.com                                 



Charlotte Lisa   -   Wedding Photographer   -   ? 0771 7575 966

info@charlottelisa.co.uk         www.charlottelisa.co.uk

Romantic, vintage style specialising in reportage photography and stop motion videos.

My photos will tell the story of your day from beginning to end and keepsakes

your treasure forever.

                      COMPUTER PROBLEMS?

I have over 40 years’ computer experience and would be happy to help with any home or business computer issues.  Why not give me a call to discuss details or drop me an email describing the problem  ?Alan : 01689 890888 or 07770 880500
Email: alanjcjohnston@gmail.com


In A Glass of Its Own

For unique gift why not give personalised Glasses?

I create glasses for all occasions at very affordable prices.

10% Discount for any local orders. Please visit my website to view the standard range,
but I can make any item with names or Logo’s etched into the glassware.

Email me directly for any local orders or enquiries: 

Ray.sharon@gmail.com              IAGOIO.com

Buy five glasses and get the sixth free!!!


ANDY THOMSON ? 01322 660733 / 07989197899

Painting & Decorating Specialist based in Swanley Village  

Internal & External – free estimate


Swanley Village Film now on DVD

This film made in 1976-7 is a documentary including a tour through the village and interviews with the local characters in the village at that time.  Featuring The Lamb, lace

making, Church, racing car preparation for Brands Hatch etc.  

It also covers the Silver Jubilee Party on the Glebe in 1977 and features shots of the village people and children at St Pauls School (it could be you) in the egg & spoon and 3 legged races. 

Previously on VHS, it has been made into a DVD.    £10 per dvd

Contact Dennis at  2 Beechenlea Lane, Swanley Village, Kent BR8 7PR

Please email dmolyneux@talktalk.net 


Did you know we are the oldest W.I in the District?

We celebrated our 100th Anniversary in March.

We are a friendly group who always welcome new members.  There are interesting speakers and activities throughout the year at our monthly meetings and a varied programme within the District too.

The W.I even has its own College in Oxfordshire, which offers a huge range of subjects from crafts to public speaking. 

Why not join us one month, as a visitor, to see if you like us? 

We meet at Five Wents Memorial Hall for a 7.30 start on the 4th Thursday of each month. 

For more details please contact Liz Davies on 01322 613640


14 Barfield Sutton at Hone  DA4 9EL     Tel.   07730 748619                         












I am Membership Secretary of the Sevenoaks and District Philatelic Society that meets once a month in Sevenoaks.  I live in Beechenlea Lane if anyone is interested in coming to any meetings, please contact

David Best. ?667045



Outdoor table tennis table.  Includes some bats and balls too.

Collect from Sally (Button Street)

FREE to a good home but donation to the SV Trust required.

Contact Sally: mustang01uk@yahoo.co.uk  ? 01322 663092


THE HOWARD VENUE, Egerton Avenue, Hextable

Fantastic Venue offering a variety of community classes for adults and children in dance, fitness, health and music.

Available for community and corporate hire - special rates for residents available. 

Call: 01322 618618 or email bookings@thehowardvenue.co.uk or visit www.thehowardvenue.co.uk



I am bilingual in English and Spanish, and speak fluent French, and I have just spent three months teaching in a primary school in Barcelona. I attended Sevenoaks School where I studied the IB Diploma and achieved the top grade in Spanish and French. I have four years' experience tutoring students in foreign languages, in primary school classes and on a one-to-one basis. I am able to tutor for Spanish and French GCSE, A Level and IB exams, as well as for adult learners.

If you'd be interested in me tutoring you, please contact me on 07502390372 or livvysayers@gmail.com

Artscroll Gates and Railings
We have been proudly manufacturing and fitting Automatic and Manual Entrance Gates, Entry Systems, Security Gates, Railings and Wrought Iron Products for over 30 Years.

Artscroll was established in 1983 and specialises in Bespoke made Gates and Railings, as well as offering a comprehensive metal work service for both industry and to the public.

We are a family run business based in the South East of England and we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and ability to manufacture almost anything required by our Customers.

It is impossible to list every service we carry out at Artscroll, but confident to say that the experience and expertise possessed within the company places us in a unique position to offer a total metal work fabrication and fitting service.

Our work consists of Entrance Gates, Automatic or Manual, Railings, Pedestrian Gates, Balustrades & Handrails, Balconies, Structural Staircases, Security Side Access Gates, Window Grilles, post-boxes and many other Metal/Security products and services.

You can view an example of our work at Hotham Close, Swanley Village, BR8 7UX – as you go into the close on the right features a Bespoke Automated Gate with entry system to 3 houses on a shared driveway complete with Matching Railings, Manufactured & Fitted by us here at Artscroll Ltd.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation, or you can visit our workshop

to discuss your requirements with either Warren or Jasmine

Unit 8 Graves Yard Industrial Estate.Rear of 96 Upper Wickham Lane Welling. Kent, DA16 3HQ

TEL: 0208 854 8944 / 07831213270   EMAIL: sales@artscroll.ltd.uk   www.artscroll.ltd.uk/



Do you know you have some fantastic local theatre on you doorstep?

Want to experience theatre as good as the West End at prices which won’t break the bank?

Steve and Melinda Hunt (who own the Ark Cattery) are both involved in two fantastic local theatres; the Playhouse at Erith and the Geoffrey Whitworth in Crayford. Each theatre puts on 10-12 plays each year, seats cost between £10 and £12 - a bargain at today’s prices. Both theatres have a bar( at discount prices) and you can buy the usual sweets and also ices in the interval.  If you want to see shows which are as good (and sometimes better) than the West End, whatever your taste then come along.  Have a look at the websites for full details.

www.playhouse.org.uk              www.thegwt.org.uk



Woodlands Building Services

Glen Gould, 1 Olive Villas,

Swanley Village Road  BR8 7NL

Tel: 07947556070 

Plastering, Rendering, Interior and Exterior decorating.

UPVC Facia Soffit and Guttering. Brickwork, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrics,

Fencing, Drives, Patio's,

Turfing including Artificial Lawns.

Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Free estimates and advice.

No job too small.



Wilmington Country Market ( Formerly W.I. Market )

It is held every Thursday morning 9.30-11.30. at the Village Hall by the mini roundabout and is on the 477 bus route. We sell homemade preserves, savouries and cakes, meat from a local Butcher and locally produced cheese.  Bread from a local bakery, home grown plants, fruit and vegetables and a variety of craft items, including greetings cards.

There is a very friendly atmosphere and it makes a pleasant place to meet up with friends for a chat over an inexpensive cuppa and a piece of cake!


HEATED INDOOR PENS - VIEWINGS WELCOME     01322 668584 / 07966999602




Large Hall & Car Park.   Good hire rates for parties/meetings/children’s parties etc





We now have a community page on Facebook.  To see what is going on in the village, photos and news,  look for ‘Swanley Village’



Also selection of old photos of the village. Old photos restored.   

Email dmolyneux@talktalk.net  www.molyneux-photography.co.uk



Home Dog Boarding  &  Dog Walking

1 Elm Cottages, Swanley Village Road   Swanley Village,  Kent BR8 7NS

Contact: Carl & Fay  07470303379    Carl-hill@hotmail.com  


Tranquillity Natural Health and Beauty 

Treatments on FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS     “on your door step” in Swanley Village. 

Special Offer!    Get a FREE Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage with every Full Body Massage

Plus  10% off Luxury Facials

December - February only

                            Competitive Prices Offering:

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage,

Full Body Massage,

Hot Stone Massage,


Manicures and Pedicures using OPI Lacquer and Gel



Indian Head Massage,

Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment,

Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles),

Rejuvanessence (facial energy release),

Paraffin Wax Treatments for Hands and Feet,


Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting,

 Jennie has been practising since 1996

For a leaflet with prices or to book an appointment please contact her

07967 530 218

email: tranquillity.therapies@yahoo.co.uk





The Passport to Leisure Scheme was founded by Swanley Town Council exclusively for the senior citizens living within the wards of Swanley. It provides residents with the opportunity to meet socially with local people within the community and enjoy a range of events.  Trips to historic places of interest, sightseeing cruises and theatre outings are organised and arranged by Swanley Town Council each month, throughout the year.


Eligibility Criteria

To qualify members must:

• Be over 60 years of age.

• Reside within Christchurch, St Mary’s, Swanley Village and Whiteoak Swanley wards.

• Complete the registration form attached.

• Provide identification and proof of address documents to Swanley Town Council.

For further information



Name: ..............................................................

Address: ...........................................................



Postcode: .........................................................

Home Telephone Number:............................... 

Mobile Number: ..............................................

Email Address: .................................................

Date of Birth: ...................................................


Name: ..............................................................

Address: ...........................................................

Telephone: .......................................................

Signed: .............................................................

Please return this form to:   Swanley Town Council, The Swanley Link, London Road, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7AE


In November Passport to Leisure members will be entertained with the ‘Sensational 60’s Experience’ at The Orchard Theatre, a must-see 60’s show when five legendary name stake to the stage to deliver a night never to be forgotten. 

December will see members visit the Dickens Christmas Market, packed with shopping stalls when Rochester becomes a feast of Victorian delights with lamp-lit parades and carols to be sung. 

On Sunday 24th December 2017 Passport to Leisure members including all family and friends can join the Christmas festivities at The Olympic.  A traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can be enjoyed while Jack Valentine will entertain performing a medley of Michael Buble hits giving everyone the opportunity to sing and dance the afternoon away.

For further information

Please contact: The Swanley Link, London Road, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7AE 

Telephone: 0300 421 270 or 0300 421 254    E-mail: csa@swanleytowncouncil.gov.uk.uk


If you have stopped receiving updates/messages by email


You can update your details and/or if you wish to add your name to the email list for regular updates please contact: 



It is FREE for all Swanley Village residents to advertise, sell items or contribute to the Swanley Village Newsletter.  Costs to ‘outsiders’ are £5 per issue or £15 for the year

(4 issues).  

If anyone would like an article to be included in the

March 2018 Newsletter,  please contact the Editor by

the beginning of FEBRUARY

at the latest.


Edited by Chris Banks        christinebanks32@yahoo.co.uk

This newsletter is published on the web site. www.swanleyvillage.com

Thanks to all those villagers who post this Newsletter to your door