Swanley Village News   Issue No.105

                                                                                                                                                                        March 2017

The Quarterly News Sheet for the residents of Swanley Village                               



Chairman Bob Wallis, Vice Chairman David Sayers,   Secretary: Pat Wells,   Treasurer: Chris Banks ,


A meeting of the Committee was held at the Red Lion on Monday 6th February November and committee members were joined by Kent County Councillor Roger Gough and District and Town Councillor Tony Searles.


Bob Wallis, Chairman, explained the actions taken and letters and emails sent since the last meeting.


The elected representatives discussed in some depth the Swanley & Hextable Master Vision, including the proposed ‘Garden Village’ – 3000 new homes across the field from Highlands Hill and Beechenlea Lane to Archer Way– see further information in this newsletter.  Concern was expressed that the Council was likely to press ahead irrespective of local opposition. It is essential that residents of Swanley Village do all they can to make their views know so that we can retain our village character and identity and maintain the ‘green wedge’ between the village and the town.   The Chairman had attended various consultation and planning meetings. The committee stressed that  neither the Vision Plan nor the consultations had given consideration to the implications of the Plan for the separate identity of Swanley Village. 


I am delighted to tell you that Sevenoaks District Council’s Cabinet Committee tonight took the very wise decision to accept the amendments from the Planning Advisory Committee. This means that the plans for a Garden Village or any large scale development on the Green Belt between Swanley Village and Archer Way have been rejected and will not go forward.


Thank you to all of you who made your voices heard. I am pretty certain that the decision was only taken in the last 2 days and it was clear that the councillors had been impressed by the representations made to them.


It was all built on the effort that went into the Advisory Committee Meeting 2 weeks ago. They simply found it impossible to overturn what had been agreed to unanimously!


Yours with a large glass in hand!

Bob Wallis

Chairman, Swanley Village Residents’ Association



Now that the new traffic island has been installed, Roger Gough assured us that the newly painted village sign will be reinstated (soon) once it has been renovated. 


We are still experiencing problems with large lorries coming through the village – ignoring the HGV signage – Roger Gough agreed that these signs need to be reviewed.


Various planning applications were discussed.


The village continues to monitor the street lights. Details of deficient lights which have been reported but not repaired have been passed to Roger Gough who will chase the Kent Highways department on our behalf.


Any problems relating to street lighting please contact Daphne Davis 664710.


WELCOME PACK - If you are new to the village and would like an introduction to all the activities and information regarding all your surroundings please call

( Chris Banks 01322 668531 or Daphne Davis  01322 664710


The next RA Committee meeting will be held on 15th May 2017 – if there is anything you would like the committee to discuss please contact :

Pat Wells (Secretary) ( 01322 666806


The joint AGM of the Swanley Village Residents’ Association & The Trust will be held on Wednesday, 12th April, hopefully with some up-to-date news of the proposed Garden Village – further details (venue/timings) will be circulated nearer the time.   We would be most pleased if you could attend.




In the last newsletter, I wrote – slightly nervously – that the village sign should be installed in the near future.


Well, I was mostly but not completely right. KCC’s contractors installed the new island at the top of School Lane just before Christmas, and the feedback I have had from residents on this has been very positive. The pole on which the sign will stand is also in place. However, the frame containing the sign is a rusty, so he is currently in the hands of the contractors, who are having it cleaned and repainted. I am continuing to chase this to ensure that the sign itself is soon – finally – back place.  


As mentioned in the previous newsletter, I continue to work to amend the no HGV signs that were installed, in particular making changes at the A20 end of Button Street. I have also been in touch with KCC’s lighting engineer concerning a number of street lights in the village, in particular in Button Street.


At the time of writing, the County Council is set to debate its budget – and the lion’s share of the Council Tax we all pay – for 2017-18. We are proposing an increase of just under 4% in the KCC share of Council Tax, including a 2% ‘precept’ which national government allows us to raise for social care. The pressures on social care have been very much in the national news recently, and remain very severe for us at KCC – which, combined with reductions in government grant, is why we have reluctantly concluded that we have to increase council tax even while delivering huge savings (£514 million across the Council as a whole in the last six years).


As ever, I can be reached by phone (01959 525109) or by email, roger.gough@kent.gov.uk  My website, www.roger-gough.blogspot.co.uk reports on what I'm doing across my Darent Valley Division, and I am on Twitter @RogerGough2




Dear Residents


Swanley and Hextable Master Vision and Green Belt Review

So, for those that didn’t go to the Planning Advisory meeting on the 17th January the Green Belt review recognises that ARUP, who are the consultants, are happy that the Green Belt is performing moderately or strongly throughout the district, on at least one of the 5 tests regarding the performance of green belt land – with the Green Belt land around Swanley Village performing strongly.

The meeting on the 25th January was all about the Swanley & Hextable Master Vision and the main argument was that the residents of Swanley and Swanley Village didn’t want a Garden Village with circa 3000 news homes incorporating a halt station on the land behind Archer Way, Bob Wallis spoke on behalf of Swanley Village RA confirming what other speakers and Councillors had said that the Green Wedge needed to be maintained and protected between Swanley and Swanley Village to stop urban sprawl.

I think that Sevenoaks are under no illusions as to the feeling of residents, there were around 60 residents from Swanley in the public gallery. Member Cllr’s considered the results of the Master Vision survey. They asked planning officers to carry out further feasibility work on some of the  ideas that have the support of local people and to update the Master Vision accordingly. A further draft of the Master Vision will be published in the summer of 2017 when there will be another opportunity for consultation and for you to comment on the document.

The final version of the Master Vision will need to be approved by the Government’s Planning Inspector, which is scheduled to take place in 2019.

Hopefully the Cabinet will sit up and listen when the recommendations are presented to them.


Most people who spoke said they were in favour of regeneration of Swanley but felt the Master Vision went too far especially as it didn’t address Traffic and infrastructure requirements.


The area identified in the call for sites, which represent 50% of the proposed Garden Village should be immediately dismissed as not acceptable. This is prime agricultural and green belt land and would join up properties in Swanley Village with those in Archer Way. That is not acceptable and I am totally against this proposal.   I will keep a close watch on the progress and report back to SVRA as and when.


You can find out more about progress of the Master Vision at    www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/ swanley&hextable


Town centre planning application withdrawn

The owner of the Swanley Centre, U+I, has withdrawn its planning application to redevelop the town centre. The proposal was to provide retail, restaurant, commercial and community uses with 340 new homes in seven blocks ranging from two to 13 stories high.

U+I withdrew its application shortly before Christmas.

They are already talking to planning officers on a revised scheme. I will keep the Village informed.


Councils get in the zone to promote safer school parking

Safer School Zones are set to be introduced close to primary schools in Swanley, in order to tackle dangerous and inconsiderate parking.

Sevenoaks District Council has teamed up with Kent County Council to introduce the zones following calls from parents, schools and school crossing patrol lollypop people to improve safety and traffic flow during the busy drop off and pick up times. Areas around schools with Keep Clear areas, lollypop crossing locations and yellow lines will be designated as Safer School Zones where stopping or parking will not be allowed.

Highly visible Safer School Zone signs will be put up at the approaches and exits to the Zones.

Civil Enforcement Officers (better known as traffic wardens) will carry out extra patrols and will issue an immediate fine if they see a vehicle stopping in a Safer School Zone.


If you have any issues I can help residents with then please contact me – Tony Searles

Mobile number is 07769686100 and email Cllr.Searles@sevenoaks.gov.uk





Sevenoaks District Council plans to build 3,000 houses from The Olympic on both sides of Beechenlea Lane, across the railway and the fields to Highlands Hill. The Council’s intentions were made clearer at committee meetings in January when it set out an ‘exceptional circumstances’ case for building on the Green Belt and the Leader of the Council stated publicly that he was not going to heed local objections.


What can you do about it if you don’t want to live in North East Swanley?


1.      You can make sure your local councillors: Tony Searles (Cllr.Searles@sevenoaks.gov.uk), Clare Barnes and John Barnes; and County Councillor Roger Gough (roger.gough@kent.gov.uk ) are aware of our views and are publicly opposing the Garden Village proposals.

2.      You can make sure that your MP, Sir Michael Fallon, is aware that you want to maintain the rural green wedge between Swanley Village and  Town.

3.      You can make sure that the Leader of Sevenoaks District Council, Councillor Peter Fleming (cllr.fleming@sevenoaks.gov.uk) is reminded that the 63% of people who he says favoured the Garden Village in his survey are massively outweighed by the 93% who said they wanted the retention of green and open spaces between the town and the Village.

4.      You can offer support to Councillor Michael Horwood, who is County Councillor for Swanley & Hextable and District Councillor for Eynsford, who led the opposition to the Garden Village plans in the Sevenoaks’ Council Chamber.

5.      You can lobby anyone you may have influence with, whether they are from the press or elsewhere in the District or a pressure group.


Swanley Village is a beautiful place to live and we all value that balance of rural quiet and easy access to the metropolis.  In the next few months and years you may have to fight to retain it.


To find out more contact –

Bob Wallis, Chairman, Swanley Village Residents’ Association



                FUND RAISING in SWANLEY VILLAGE   

Many thanks to everyone who supported our

 ‘Traditional Christmas Party‘ which was held in December

       It was a great success.

Please look out for information for our fundraising events in 2017




Many thanks to the generosity of Mark Johnson (Johnson Nursery in Button Street) who donated the Xmas Tree which was  sited at the top of School Lane.

A grand total of £220 was donated to ‘SUMS’ (Swanley Therapy Centre) which was collected at the annual Carol Concert at The Lamb – a huge ‘thank you’ to the Landlady Liz for her hospitality.





Each year we ask each household to be members and contribute £3 to the scheme, which is deposited in the RA funds and helps with expenses during the year.

Many thanks to the residents who have already paid – there are still some outstanding. Please send your donation to: Chris Banks, Treasurer, SV Residents’ Association, 4 Hotham Close, Swanley Village, BR8 7UX




Items for raffle prizes

Do you have anything suitable which we could use as prizes at our forthcoming events (perhaps any unwanted Christmas/Birthday presents (!) 

We really do appreciate all the support we get for our fund raising events, but would love to see even more people from the village joining in the events which we organise.  As you are no doubt aware, all the profit from these events goes towards maintaining our Village Green, the Easter Egg hunt and the FREE firework display in November.  So the more people who attend our events the more money we can raise - we can’t do it without you!


( Chris 01322 668531





News from St. Paul’s CE (VC) Primary School (February 2017)

The School got off to a great 2017, particularly with the arrival of Mr Ben Hulme, our new Headteacher.  Mr Hulme said “I feel privileged to be able to lead a school with articulate, well-mannered and inquisitive children.  Being the father to two boys, I am aware of the responsibility that my team and I have in ensuring that the highest standard of education is available to all the children.  In short, a school that I would be proud to send my own children to”.                                                                  

We hosted a “Meet the Headteacher” cheese and wine event at school to give parents and carers the opportunity to meet Mr Hulme.  The event was a great success and very well attended.

We have also welcomed Mrs Siobhan Bray, who is a very experienced KS1 teacher, and is the new Class Teacher in Oak Class (Years 1 and 2). 

Mr Hulme will be starting a Leading Lights Group within school which will focus on our Christian character and ethos, collective worship and other Christian aspects of school life.  If this is something that you would like to be involved with please email Mr Hulme at office@st-pauls-swanley.kent.sch.uk

Our Year 6 children attended the annual Christian Unity Service at the Holy Apostles Church in Swanley in January, together with other schools in the Swanley Collaboration.  Their behaviour was outstanding and our speakers did a great job. 

Our PTA organised a very delicious “chocolate workshop” which was hosted by a company called “Chocolate Raindrops”.  It was so successful that we are planning another workshop later this year.

We were also very privileged to have a musical extravaganza “Bach to the Future Musical Roadshow” come to school and entertain the children with a variety of songs.  The children had such a great time!

At the time of going to press, we are preparing for our February Disco, which the children are really excited about attending.

Future dates for the diary: Country Dance Festival 14th June and Summer Fayre 8th July which you are warmly invited to.

Please check out new Facebook page “St. Paul’s Church of England Primary School” and follow us on Twitter @StPaulsSwanley to see all our latest news and updates. 



This will be held on the Village Green

on Sunday, 16th April at 11 a.m.

Village children of all ages are invited to participate



Would anybody like to join the Lamb Inn petanque team??  We play on a Wednesday night and have vacancies for the start of the Summer league which is due to commence in April.


Do not worry if you have not played before. The teams consists of both men and ladies, you will soon feel confident in playing and you will be guaranteed an enjoyable evening in various pubs around Kent. Age is not an issue, we are all 'of an age' as they say and have retained our competitive edge!


We are halfway through the Winter league and we are currently sitting at mid table. Even though we have been subjected to the most bitter cold evenings we have still managed to put out our full sides (we must be mad). In the Winter League Cup we narrowly lost to a very strong team from Istead Rise who compete in division 2. The game was going well but we succumbed to a loss on the last end of the game.

The Summer league is due to start in April, hopefully with some warmer weather


If you wish to know more about playing Petanque, and require any further information regarding joining our Petanque teams and/or if you are interested in a trial, please contact Steve Wells on 01322 666806  or 07580 863617

– you can also talk to him about the game personal instruction, or boule, - he will be pleased to get you started; alternatively there are full illustrated instructions beside the  piste on the Village Green.




Our FREE firework display will be held on the Village Green


Please put this date in your diaries and tell your friends!



( Chris 668531/Daphne 664710/Pat 666806



In 1991 a group of villagers with a keen interest in both their own gardens and their surroundings formed Swanley Village Gardening Society.  Over the years we have become a less formal group and following a sharp decline in numbers, it was agreed that all villagers should be members by default. Our Spring Show will be held at 2.30pm on Saturday 1st April at St Paul’s School.  All are welcome; please come along to help judge the show, meet up with fellow villagers and partake of homemade refreshments. Most people have flowers in their gardens so bring them along, even if you’re not sure what they are!  If it’s flowering, then it is welcome in our Show.  Entry to the Show is free so please join in. More information is listed below.  The committee have organised two trips in the late summer and information regarding these is included in this newsletter.  Booking forms will also be available at the Spring Show. Trips will only go ahead if we get plenty of support so please ask friends and family to come along.  We try to keep our page on the village website (www.swanleyvillage.com) up-to-date so please look there for current news.  We have signed up for a trade card at Provender Nurseries in Leydenhatch Lane.  This entitles you to a significant discount on Provender plants.  We have been issued with several cards, which must be presented each time you purchase plants in order to receive your discount.  Mike Banks (' 668531), Daphne Davis ('664710), Donna Hoy ('613462) and Elaine Freundlich are all card holders.   Please contact one of them if you wish to purchase goods at Provender. For further details please contact the Secretary, Elaine Freundlich ('662757).



1)       Large head daffodils, three cut blooms of one variety.

2)         Small head daffodils, three cut blooms or stems of one variety.

3)         Double daffodils, three cut blooms of one variety.

4)         Tulips, three cut blooms of one variety.

5)         Other Spring bulbs.  Small display of one or more varieties of cut blooms/stems

     OR growing in a pot.

6)         Other herbaceous plants.  Small display of one or more varieties of cut blooms/stems

     OR growing in a pot.

7)         Shrubs.  One specimen bloom or stem.

8)         Spring blooms displayed in a tea cup and saucer.

Entries will not be accepted earlier than 2pm and last entries will be at 2.20pm in order that the display of entries is completed by 2.30pm to assist the organisers. Judging will commence at 2.30pm.  Voting will finish at 3pm and no voting slips will be accepted after this time. Winners will be announced as soon as possible but not later than 4pm.

There will be small cash prizes of £3 for 1st place, £2 for 2nd place and £1 for 3rd place. Any prize money not claimed at the show will be put back into society funds.

At the same time, we will be holding a plant bring and buy.  All plants will cost £1.  Please bring any cuttings/spare/unwanted plants.  Refreshments will be available and there will be a raffle.  Any raffle prize not claimed at the show will be withdrawn.




We have booked a visit to Burgess Hill NGS Gardens on Monday 24th July.  The support of members, their families and friends is, as always, vital.  A non-refundable deposit of £5 per person needs to be paid at the time of booking.  If the booking is cancelled, the deposit will be retained by the Society. The balance will be due one calendar month before the trip. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to join the trip Swanley Village Gardening Society will consider refunding coach fares only and this will be at the discretion of the committee.


Please complete the booking form (overleaf) and return it together with payment by 2nd June to Mrs Elaine Freundlich, 1 Hotham Close, Swanley Village, BR8 7UX.  Cheques payable to Swanley Village Gardening Society.



Monday 24th July 2017


The gardens in this group are:
14 Barnside Avenue
9 Sycamore Drive
30 Sycamore Drive
59 Sycamore Drive

This diverse group of five gardens is a mixture of established and small new gardens. Three of the group are a great example of what can be achieved over a 8 year period from a blank canvas in a new development (Sycamore Drive) while close by is 14 Barnside Avenue, a wisteria clad house (pruning advice given) with a family lawn and borders. Peppers,  54 Leylands Road is a garden full of colour that is being restored by volunteers.

Plants for sale at Peppers, 54 Leylands Road for Sussex Oak Charity.

Home-made teas at 14 Barnside Avenue.


Coach leaves Swanley Village at 11.30am and will pick up at the usual stops.      Price: Coach and Entrance £21





We have booked a visit to Anglesey Abbey & Gardens on Wednesday 6th September.  The support of members, their families and friends is, as always, vital.  A non-refundable deposit of £5 per person needs to be paid at the time of booking.  If the booking is cancelled, the deposit will be retained by the Society. The balance will be due one calendar month before the trip. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to join the trip Swanley Village Gardening Society will consider refunding coach fares only and this will be at the discretion of the committee.


Please complete the booking form (overleaf) and return it together with payment by 17th July to Mrs Elaine Freundlich, 1 Hotham Close, Swanley Village, BR8 7UX.  Cheques payable to Swanley Village Gardening Society.



Wednesday 6th September 2017

Anglesey Abbey, Gardens and Lode Mill (National Trust)

There's always something to see at Anglesey Abbey whatever the season. From the vibrant colours, textures and scents of the Winter Garden, carpets of Snowdrops in spring, the Herbaceous Border and Rose Garden in summer, Dahlias in late summer and amazing colours in autumn.

Lord Fairhaven bought Anglesey Abbey in 1926 and gifted it to the National Trust upon his death in 1966. Immerse yourself in his luxurious lifestyle as you step inside the House packed with antiques, paintings, silverware and clocks.

The origins of Lode Mill can be traced back to the Domesday Book of 1086. Step inside the historic watermill and discover how grain is transformed into wholesome flour. Open Wednesday - Sunday, 10.30am - 3.30pm

Enjoy a freshly cooked meal or catch-up with family and friends over a coffee and delicious slice of homemade cake in Redwoods Restaurant.

Looking for a special gift or a memento of your visit to Anglesey Abbey? From tasty treats, books, to beautiful handmade pottery & jewellery - there's something for everyone in the Gift Shop. Open daily, 10am - 4.30pm.

Recreate the look of the beautiful Anglesey Abbey gardens at home by visiting the Plant Centre. They stock a range of seasonal plants, shrubs, garden ornaments & sculptures to help give your garden that special 'wow factor'. Open daily, 10am - 4.30pm.


Coach leaves Swanley Village at 10am and will pick up at the usual stops.

Price: Coach and Entrance £29

            Coach only (NT members) £17.50




Please tick all appropriate boxes.





Name ………………………………………………………………………………..


Number of seats ……………..


Price: Coach and entrance £21


          Deposit only                       Payment in full    


Please complete and return to

Mrs E Freundlich, 1 Hotham Close, Swanley Village, Kent BR8 7UX

together with a non-refundable deposit of

£5 per person or full payment by 2nd June. 

Cheques payable to Swanley Village Gardening Society.






Name ………………………………………………………………………………..


Number of seats ……………..


Price: Coach and entrance £29                           

           Coach only (NT members) £17.50         


          Deposit only                       Payment in full    


Please complete and return to

Mrs E Freundlich, 1 Hotham Close, Swanley Village, Kent BR8 7UX

together with a non-refundable deposit of

£5 per person or full payment by 17th July. 

Cheques payable to Swanley Village Gardening Society.





SATURDAY 9th April 2016


Entries at 2pm

Show opens at 2.30pm




Double Wave: PLANT ING & BUY





 St. Paul’s, Swanley Village  & St. Peter’s, Hextable


Since the last newsletter, the church has entered what is known as an ‘interregnum’ (literally between ‘reigns’), following the retirement of our priest-in-charge, Ray Samme. Together with the Diocese of Rochester, the Parochial Church Council are now beginning the process of appointing a new vicar, which we hope will take place as the new vicarage in Hextable is completed in the Autumn.


Easter Services

Soon it will be Easter, an important time in the church calendar. You would be welcome to attend any of the special services or events at St Paul’s in the village or at St Peter’s in Hextable.


·        Inter-church Lent Groups starting week beginning 27th Feb (details from church office)

·        Good Friday service 14th April at St. Peter’s 10.30am (with Simon Lissack of Jews for Jesus)

·        Good Friday meditation 3pm St. Paul’s

·        Easter Sunday Communion and baptisms 16th April with Archdeacon Simon Burton Jones at St. Peter’s 10.30am

·        Easter Sunday Churches Together Celebration at St. Paul’s 6.30pm


Other special events coming up

·        Women’s World Day of Prayer 3rd March 8pm St. Peter’s

·        Summer Arts and Crafts Fayre Saturday 3rd June 10am-3pm St. Peter’s


Regular services

St Peter’s in Hextable has a Sunday morning service at 10.30am. ‘Overflow’, a very popular contemporary service takes place at 7.30pm on the second and fourth Sundays at St Peter’s.


At St Paul’s an 8.30am Communion in held each week and a 10.30am service on the second Sunday of the month. Evening service is held at 6.30pm every week except second Sunday, with communion on the third Sunday.


The Swanley Village Home or ‘Life’ Group

These groups in people’s homes throughout the area have an important place in the church programme. The group in the Village is open to anyone whether or not they have a church affiliation. Currently around 20 people attend our fortnightly meetings regularly with others coming when they are able.  We enjoy meeting and eating together, sharing news and needs and studying the Bible. The next meeting is on the 9th March. We normally meet fortnightly at 7.45pm on Thursday evenings at the Old Vicarage but occasionally vary the day and meet at other homes in the village, so it is important to check by ‘phone if you are interested in attending.  Please contact the leaders, David and Pauline Pearson (Pine Cottage, Beechenlea Lane - 01322 666362 or 07836 376 803) or any member of the group for further information.

For more details of all these and other services and events see www.stph.org.uk/   or ring the church office on 01322 662320

Glebe Gate :  Volunteers (perhaps dog walkers?) are still being sought to join the group to lock and unlock the Glebe Gate, a.m. & p.m. and in School holidays. 

If you wish to join this band of volunteers for a short rota period please contact Barbara Ramsey (666668


Do you have a village ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ sign near your property?  Many are overgrown with foliage – if so, could you please cut the growth back so that the signs are more visible. The signs are there to hopefully make the Village safer!



THE LAMB INN, Swanley Village

A pub which welcomes families and people of all ages.

Sunday Roast dinners are back on, commencing from the 5th February. Served 1-4.

Choice of Beef or Chicken, crispy roast potatoes, seasonal veg, Yorkshire pud and lashings of gravy. £10.95 and £1.00 for a dessert.

Booking advised, please call 01322 615161

17th February: Live music night with Peter Azzopardi from the band Scarbretta. He will be performing a solo act for us from 8pm. This is an evening not to be missed..


Like us on Facebook to keep in touch with our future events

Come and support your local village pub  ( 615161



                SAM’S BALLROOM


Adult Ballroom & Latin American Dancing classes every Monday

at St Peter’s Church, Hextable. 7.30pm to 8.45pm.

Beginners are very welcome and there is no need to bring a partner.

£7 pay as you go.

Teacher is an ex pupil of Strictly's Len Goodman.


Children’s Ballroom every Thursday from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at The Howard Venue.

£5 per class, payable half termly.


Adult Jazz – Every Wednesday 8pm to 9pm at The Howard Venue.

£7 pay as you go.




07712 588 385




Bristan GLEE Electric Shower 10.5kW White. Used 3 times.

Was £140.00 (9.12 16)  Price £100.00 ono

Mrs Hunt  01322 663772




The club has now commenced its 18th year and continues  have full a membership.  We would like to welcome all the new members and to thank everyone for their continued support. Subscriptions help maintain the village green and any other worthy projects in the village.




Bob Wallis                                                              £100

Linda Lees.                                                                        £50

Ian Beale                                                                 £50

Pat Wells.                                                               £50

Chris Harrison.                                                    £50

Sandra Canty.                                                       £50

Paul Curry.                                                            £50

Elaine Freundlich.                                               £30

Trudy Kilcullen.                                                   £30

Kathy Ramsey.                                                     £30

Trevor Norman.                                                   £30

Janet Leaver.                                                        £30

Jane Emmanuel.                                                  £30

Cliff Strong.                                                           £30

Sally Leach.                                                           £30

Chris Evans.                                                          £15

Carol Scott.                                                            £15

Pauline Pearson                                                   £15 

Deb McCadden.                                                   £15

Michael Cheeseman.                                          £15

Louise Hassett.                                                     £15

Ruth Wallis.                                                           £15

Susan Stansfield.                                                  £15

Iris Cann.                                                                £15

Matthew Beale.                                                    £15

Valarie Baker.                                                      £15

Gemma Jones.                                                      £15

Melinda Hunt.                                                       £15

…………..  and remember - YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN !


If you would like to join the 100 club please contact:

Daphne Davis  01322 664710 or at davistweedlodge@aol.com




If the answer is "yes" then you would find a warm welcome at the Swanley Village Book Club. We meet on a monthly basis on the last Thursday of the month at 7.30  in the Red Lion or the Lamb. We are an informal group and enjoy reading a wide range of books - but definitely not highbrow!

Whether you are a newcomer to the village or an existing resident, this is a great way to share your enjoyment of books with other like-minded people....and make new friends.

If you are interested in joining us or would like to know more about us, please contact me –

Elaine Brown  ( 01322 666496  or at  gemstone4@sky.com


FLY TIPPING - This continues to be a major problem throughout the village. |f you see any dumped rubbish please report this straight away to Sevenoaks District Council on 01732 227000.  You can also enter any details of fly tipping  at www.fixmystreet.com .  The council monitor this site and will take action. Use to report fly tipping, potholes, abandoned cars etc.




Collected by my Bees


Elizabethan Cottage

Swanley Village Rd

Beekeeping since 2009



Odd Jobs
We offer a variety of services including:
General DIY - hanging, shelves, pictures & curtain poles
Pressure washing decking, drives, patios and paths
Treating fences, gates and decking
Assembling flatpack furniture
plus much, much more!
Smoke or Carbon monoxide alarms supplied and fitted from £25
If you need it put up, fitted or fixed. No job too small - just give me a call!
Friendly , reliable , local service

Paul on 07749 024375
email: paulsoddjobs1@gmail.com


I have over 40 years’ computer experience and would be happy to help with any home or business computer issues. 
Why not give me a call to discuss details or drop me an email describing the problem?

(Alan : 01689 890888 or 07770 880500

Email: alanjcjohnston@gmail.com


In A Glass of Its Own

For unique Christmas presents why not give personalised Glasses?

I create glasses for all occasions at very affordable prices.

10% Discount for any local orders. Please visit my website to view the standard range but I can make any item with names or Logo’s etched into the glassware.

Email me directly for any local orders or enquiries: 


Buy five glasses and get the sixth free!!!




ANDY THOMSON ( 01322 660733 / 07989197899

Painting & Decorating Specialist based in Swanley Village  

Internal & External – free estimate



I am bilingual in English and Spanish, and speak fluent French, and I have just spent three months teaching in a primary school in Barcelona. I attended Sevenoaks School where I studied the IB Diploma and achieved the top grade in Spanish and French. I have four years' experience tutoring students in foreign languages, in primary school classes and on a one-to-one basis. I am able to tutor for Spanish and French GCSE, A Level and IB exams, as well as for adult learners.

If you'd be interested in me tutoring you, please contact me on 07502390372 or livvysayers@gmail.com


I am Membership Secretary of the Sevenoaks and District Philatelic Society that meets once a month in Sevenoaks.  I live in Beechenlea Lane if anyone is interested in coming to any meetings, please contact
David Best. (667045


ANYONE FOR TENNIS                      Is there anyone in the village that plays tennis?

I had some coaching whilst on holiday last year and have got the, bug and would like to know if there was someone locally that would like an occasional game or two, as I would like to improve.

Do not be afraid about the coaching comment, as I am now regarded as a senior citizen and have not played since I was at school!

I am still a very competitive sportsman and had played squash to club standard.

If there is anyone out there, please phone Steve Wells on 01322 666806 or 07580 863617



Do you know you have some fantastic local theatre on you doorstep?

Want to experience theatre as good as the West End at prices which won’t break the bank?

Steve and Melinda Hunt (who own the Ark Cattery) are both involved in two fantastic local theatres; the Playhouse at Erith and the Geoffrey Whitworth in Crayford. Each theatre puts on 10-12 plays each year, seats cost between £10 and £12 - a bargain at today’s prices. Both theatres have a bar( at discount prices) and you can buy the usual sweets and also ices in the interval.  If you want to see shows which are as good (and sometimes better) than the West End, whatever your taste then come along.  Have a look at the websites for full details.

www.playhouse.org.uk              www.thegwt.org.uk




( 01322 668584 / 07966999602



Wilmington Country Market ( Formerly W.I. Market )

It is held every Thursday morning 9.30-11.30. at the Village Hall by the mini roundabout and is on the 477 bus route. We sell homemade preserves, savouries and cakes, meat from a local Butcher and locally produced cheese.  Bread from a local bakery, home grown plants, fruit and vegetables and a variety of craft items, including greetings cards.

There is a very friendly atmosphere and it makes a pleasant place to meet up with friends for a chat over an inexpensive cuppa and a piece of cake!



Large Hall & Car Park

Good hire rates for parties/meetings/children’s parties etc





JA Projects                                                          14 Barfield        Sutton at Hone

                                                                                                      DA4 9EL

                                                                                         Tel.   07730 748619















Woodlands Building Services

Glen Gould, 1 Olive Villas,

Swanley Village Road


Tel: 07947556070


Plastering, Rendering, Interior and Exterior decorating.

UPVC Facia Soffit and Guttering. Brickwork, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrics,

Fencing, Drives, Patio's,

Turfing including Artificial Lawns.

Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Free estimates and advice.

No job too small.



Charlotte Lisa   -   Wedding Photographer   -   ( 0771 7575 966

info@charlottelisa.co.uk         www.charlottelisa.co.uk

Romantic, vintage style specialising in reportage photography and stop motion videos.

My photos will tell the story of your day from beginning to end and keepsakes your treasure forever.






Home Dog Boarding  &  Dog Walking
1 Elm Cottages, Swanley Village Road    Swanley Village,  Kent BR8 7NS

Contact: Carl & Fay      (  07470303379       Carl-hill@hotmail.com



                      Also selection of old photos of the village. Old photos restored.   
                                   ( Dennis on 01322 669523 or email dmolyneux@talktalk.net





Do you care for or know an adult with a learning disability?

The Cygnet Club for adults with a learning disability

meets every Thursday from 7-9pm.

Please contact R.Glenn 01322 665196  or B. Brown 01322 631990

for further details.


All Advance Computer Services           0333 011 3120      07734 335243



As seen on ITV's new show "Dance Dance Dance" Available for community hire for meetings,
clubs, conferences, children’s parties, charity events plus much more.

NEW OFFER – free hire of our recording studio for local music groups & bands.

Phone 01322 618618 to arrange a viewing of our facilities or visit www.thehowardvenue.co.uk

to find out about our huge range of community classes on offer.



 Parent and Teacher Association for St Paul’s Primary School


The PTA is made up of four main parents, Fay Simmons who lives in the Village and is co-chair with Vikki Watts, Natalie Cairney who is treasurer and co-secretary with Tracey McCartney, all of whom work alongside the Head Teacher, Mr Hulme, and the teachers.  Together we organise events to raise funds for St Paul’s school to top up where the government funding ends.  Over the years the PTA has supported the school and raised funds to purchase, amongst other educational equipment, a trim-trail on the Glebe which is shared with St Paul’s Church.  Without the PTA raising money by holding various events throughout the year the children may not benefit from, for example, reading books and mathematical equipment.  Currently there is a shortage of reading material to the point where there are not enough books from the new curriculum scheme to enable every child to take a book home to read. 

Some of the events organised by the PTA are held internally, like non-uniform days, school discos, sponsored events like our St George’s day parade or traditional events like the Easter egg hunt for the children.  Our main external events that bring in the most money are our Christmas and Summer fayres.  The Christmas fayre is mainly held for the children and their parents to attend and is often on a Friday afternoon a few weeks before Christmas.  External stallholders are welcomed into the school to sell their goods and there are stalls with games for the children.  The summer fayre is our greatest fundraiser.  Our summer fayre this year is planned for Saturday 8 July.  We usually have a main arena with a show to pull people in, last year we had an amazing bird show, and this year we will be hosting a dog agility show alongside a fun dog show.  We will be contacting people in the surrounding areas in the Village, Hextable, Swanley, Wilmington and Dartford and asking them to come and help raise valuable funds for the school by showing us what their dog can do.

The people in the Village are always welcome to come down to our external events and take part and it would be great to see people supporting their local school. 




Our new Community Support Police Officer is PCSO Steven Vincent

07772 226159

Crime Stoppers :  0800 555111 (anonymously)       www.crimestoppers-uk.org

If deaf or speech impaired text ‘police’ and your message to 60066.



Dear Residents,

Happy New Year to all, I hope everyone had a lovely Festive period.

As mentioned in the last newsletter before Christmas I have arranged for 2 Property/Bike marking events for Swanley Village. These will be held on Saturday 25th February & Saturday 25th March at The St Pauls Church Car Park from 1pm-2pm I will be marking items whilst you wait plus I will also be giving away FREE UV Pens for you to take away and mark your property at home. 

Don’t forget you can also register your property FREE on the UK’s largest property database https://www.immobilise.com/ over 34 million items registered

Description: \\kusersgen.share.netr.ecis.police.uk\kfoldersgen$\46056507\Desktop\index.png


To keep up to date on crime in Swanley Village visit - www.police.uk

If you want to speak to me direct my email address is 56507@kent.pnn.police.uk

Kind Regards

Steve Vincent

Description: http://fcrglassv14.app.netr.kent.police.uk/problemsolving/photos.do?action=image&imageId=78789

Tranquillity Natural Health and Beauty



“on your door step” in Swanley Village. 


Special Offer!


Between March and May 2017

Buy a Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage

and get a second Half Price

while appointments are available


Competitive Prices



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage,

Full Body Massage,

Hot Stone Massage,


Manicures and Pedicures using OPI Lacquer and Gel



Indian Head Massage,

Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment,

Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles),

Rejuvanessence (facial energy release),

Paraffin Wax Treatments for Hands and Feet,


Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting,


Jennie has been practising since 1996


For a leaflet with prices or to book an appointment please contact her

(07967 530 218

email: tranquillity.therapies@yahoo.co.uk




If you have stopped receiving updates/messages by email


You can update your details and/or if you wish to add your name to the email list for regular updates please contact: 



It is FREE for all Swanley Village residents to advertise, sell items or contribute to the Swanley Village Newsletter.  Costs to ‘outsiders’ are £5 per issue or £15 for the year

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If anyone would like an article to be included in the June 2017 Newsletter,  please contact the Editor by  the beginning of May  at the latest.


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